IT Support
by CareTech, LLC


Live Chat

Have a quick question for us? Live chat is a great way to start the conversation. If we're available, we'll answer right away.

Start a Ticket

For more involved questions or if we aren't available to chat, then creating a support ticket is the way to go. We'll use this ticket to track your issue from report to resolution so nothing slips through the cracks.

Remote Support

Download our InstantCare support agent.

The InstantCare Support Agent is a small program that allows our techs to access your system remotely to help you and should only be downloaded and installed on the advice of a CareTech Technician. If you are not already working with a CareTech Technician, please call or email us before installing the support agent.

Please note that support with a trained technician is billed at $100 per hour. ($50 per half-hour)

Our CareTech Home members get free remote support.

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